English is the official language of the conference. Authors are invited to submit full and original research papers through our online submission system. Submitted papers must NOT have been previously published, submitted, or be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere, whether in other conferences or journals.

Note: The papers presented at our conference are honored to be published by the Journal of Solar Energy Research (JSER). As such, the conference follows the author guidelines set by JSER. Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your paper.

Conference Paper Submission Guidelines

Submission Preparation:

  1. Use “EndNote Software” for references in “Numbered” style.
  2. Equations must be typed using “Mathtype 6 Software”.
  3. Embed illustrations, figures, and tables within the text.
  4. Include names and affiliations of all authors in the paper.
  5. Ensure the submission of the completed “Copyright” form and “Conflict of Interest” declaration form.
  6. Important: Manuscripts must follow the provided template. Papers not adhering to the template will be returned.

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  • The official language is English.

Manuscript Presentation:

  • Format: Abstract, Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results & Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement (optional), and References. Refrain from numbering titles.
  • Font: Times New Roman, 10 pt, single-spaced.
  • Embed tables and figures within the text.

Author Details:

  • Provide the full name and surname (e.g., Alireza Nourian, not A.R. Nourian).
  • Include the full address for correspondence, with telephone number, fax number, and email address. Indicate the corresponding author with an asterisk (*).

Content Guidelines:

  • Abstract: 150-300 words, without abbreviations or references.
  • Keywords: 3-6 words/phrases.
  • Equations: Use “Mathtype 6” in Word software.
  • Acknowledgments: Optional; placed before References.


  • Number references sequentially as they appear in the text.
    • Single author: Author’s name (without initials) [number].
    • Two authors: Both authors’ names [number].
    • Three or more authors: First author’s name et al. [number].
  • Important: Use “EndNote software” in the “Numbered” style for all references.
  • References in the manuscript’s “Reference Section” should be in APA format with DOI.


  • Refer to all visuals as ‘Figure’, numbered consecutively.
  • Label multipart figures with lowercase letters (a, b, etc.).
  • Ensure figures are in black and white with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Provide figures prepared in Excel with their source data.


  • Number tables consecutively.
  • Use footnotes for explanatory material.
  • Don’t duplicate data in tables and figures.

Review Process:

  • We aim to provide constructive feedback and publish high-quality papers in a short time (maximum of 6 weeks).

Cover Letter:

  • Please include a cover letter addressing the novelty of your work, its significance, and why the conference should feature it.


  • The work submitted should be original and not under consideration elsewhere.
  • Copyright permissions for any material used should be secured prior to submission.
  • Authors retain copyright without restrictions and can share the accepted version on personal, departmental, or institutional websites.

Conflict of Interest Declaration:

  • Upon acceptance of the article by the conference, authors must sign a conflict of interest form and submit it.